A brand's logo should represent more than the company's name. It provides credibility, highlights your goals, and helps you connect with your target market. If your logo is easy to recall, Creative logos will resonate with your target audience and keep your brand top of the line.

It can be expensive to have a logo or hire a designer (for more information, check our logo design pricing guide). Investing in a custom logo may seem like an unnecessary extra expense for websites and businesses on the smaller side. However, the visual representation of your brand should not be overlooked. So, what should one do now?

As it turns out, the internet is a great source of unexpected delights. Using search engines like this one, you can locate relevant links. You don't need any design or coding skills to make a logo, as online logo maker tools are available.

Top-Rated Brand Identity Design Agencies of 2022

If you need help getting started designing creative logos for your company, read on. When you need a logo but don't want to hire a designer or firm, you can get multiple opinions by holding a contest. What is the procedure? Easy! Just post your logo requirements online, and hundreds of skilled designers will compete to make you a unique logo. Choose your best design, polish it up, and it's all yours once the deadline has passed.

A logo contest can be a great alternative if you're in the market for a logo but don't want to hire a designer in-house. For your benefit, we have created a list of the top companies that provide the service of hosting a design challenge.

1- Logomaker by VistaPrint

You don't have to create an account with VistaPrint to start working on a logo. The Machine learning will ask for a name, a tagline (which is optional), an industry, and a product. After you do what's asked, you'll be able to look at different design ideas. You can change the image, the font, the appearance, the layout, and the size of any design that is generated.

The free logo maker has a big collection of fonts and images and can make a lot of different options for different parts. You need to know how design works for working with layout and size. You need to know if the changes you've made look right. Therefore, Video Production Companies near me tried out different sizes and fonts enough that I finished up with designs that looked weird. But the built-in options aren't endless, which helps keep people from making designs that make no sense. Once you're done, you can use "Preview" to see how your design will look on a phone's screen, merchandise, business cards, and other places.

2- The logo maker in Adobe Creative Cloud Express 

It is a great, free way to make unique logos for your business or brand. It comes with many different fonts, color combinations, and text options that can be used to change designs creatively.

You can start with more than 100 icons and four styles. There is also a turning wheel that makes it easy to select the style and where it goes. You don't have to begin from scratch with the logo maker, which is great.

A designer can set preferences like colors, style, or industry to get a few templates that have already been made. You will love how easy this free logo maker is to use, just like other Adobe products.

3- TailorBrands

 Another logo maker uses AI and lets you get a logo in a few minutes. You must respond to a few questions, like what kind of logo you want (icon-based or text-based) and what kind of fonts you like. You can also "explain" your company with a few words to help the algorithm match you with better assets.

To see any of your logo options, you have to sign up. After that, you can change some things, like fonts, icons, colors, and other things, and create creative logos. Low-resolution versions can be downloaded free, but greater PNG and vector files require a payment plan.

4- Canva

It is a versatile online tool for making logos, and you've probably used it before. You can use Canva to make more than just posts for social media and images for landing pages. It can also be used to make cool logos.

With drag-and-drop functionality, even people who have never designed anything can quickly make beautiful logos. This online logo maker contains more than 100 templates to choose from, and all you want to start with is to clarify a few things about your brand.

5- Placeit 

The logo maker on Placeit uses AI and gives you a lot of ways to change it. You can get your creative logos pretty quickly and change the design until you're happy with it. You start by typing in the name of your company and the industry it is in. The AI isn't as "thoughtful" as others, and sometimes it gives you strange ideas. But it's easy to change things like icons, pictures, texts, and color schemes. However, if you want high-resolution, you have to pay.

6- Looka

Looka starts on your design by using AI. You can choose the colors and symbols you want to use. After that, the algorithm will find some logos that fit you well. You can choose one of them and change it even more.

7- Wix Maker

Wix is good for your needs. The editing sidebar is pretty easy to use, and you have many options to change color, transparency, shape, etc. You can also check how your creative logos look on different backgrounds and make changes as needed. You do have to pay for your downloads, especially if you want more file types. The price is fair, though, and you don't have to sign up for it. Before you decide, you can get a small version with low resolution for free.

8- Turbo Logo

Turbo logo is another logo creator that uses a generator powered by artificial intelligence. But you have to register to get to them. What's unique about Turbologo is how many different logos it makes. There are a lot of them, and they're all different.

9- Ucraft 

Ucraft doesn't use artificial intelligence (AI) to make creative logos and doesn't even have templates. A person starts fresh and makes something on their own, which sounds scary, but the tool is easy to learn and use. You can only work with icons, text, and shapes. You can change the color and font of some of them and add as many pictures as you want. 

10- Squarespace Logo Generator

It is a unique tool that lets you see how your new logo will look on your website, postcard, t-shirt, and more. It's not as strong as other tools on the list, but it does the job.

Squarespace will give you great results in seconds after you choose the emblems, icons, and color schemes you want. After you choose your logo, you can see it in real life. And if you like it, you can download and use it as much as you want.

11- Zyro

It is about as simple as it gets, and it's one of the best services on this list. This smart logo builder makes it easy to turn your ideas into creative logos. 

You will get many logo ideas that are easy to change and adapt to make your dream logo. Plus, it's free! Without the help of a professional graphic designer, you can make and download your logo in just a few minutes.


If you need creative logos quickly and don't want to break the bank doing it, a logo creator may be the way to go. Sometimes, not having a logo is unacceptable. As the preceding choices should have shown, obtaining something respectable is feasible with little effort.